RYDRO 69: In and out

It took little long than usual to do Research and develop product this time. It was a big challenge to design, choose fabric and raw material to develop real tough, sturdy and durable saddlebag to mug-up almost 70 liters of volume. First piece of Rydro 69 was ready in mid of June 2015 to be sold in market, after then till today the design got improvised, quality got updated with added features three times. So what we have today is hard-work, experience and our team dedication to deliver the best. Most importantly it was our focused vision to have a motorcycle saddlebags with difference, unparalleled safety, distinguished quality and benchmark. A part of motorcycle new-tyre has been hand-stitched firmly to the base/bottom of both the bags, to provide extra protection against exhaust pipes & rare wheel at times of emergency. DESCRIPTION:-Rydro-69 is a perfect option for those who prefer long rides or riding in extreme conditions. Detachable pair of two bags, to be mount as double sided saddlebag on varied motorcycles. Off the bike each bag could be carried as backpack or shoulder bag. Used special coated, heavy duty ballistic fabric to enhance longevity & durability. It has 69 liters of pair-volume, where one bag offers one main compartment, laptop cushioned pocket, a folder pocket, a mobile pocket, two big-bottle pockets. Reflective 3M taping for user safety during low-visibility conditions. Space/gap between two bags can be adjusted to fit well on different bikes. Tyre padded base and all padded walls for extra protection, and multi-straps on back sides for firm grip over bike. Separate set of rainstorm covers in florescent-orange color. FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS:- DETACHABLE PAIR OF TWO BAGS MADE: Uly coated, special treated ballistic fabric with spec. of 900/Denier. VOLUME 69+ LTRS: Inside laptop pocket::Outside file-pocket::Outside phone-pocket::Outside 2 x bottle pocket. SAFETY: Promising safety for user with; a.) Tyre-padded base for extra safety against exhaust-pipe and rare wheel. b.) Reflective 3M taping for safety during poor visibility conditions. c.) Shocker protection pad on back of both the bags. d.) Additional rainstorm covers. e.) Multiple straps on back side of both the bags help to tie it firmly with bike and keeping it intact at one place. UTILITY: Mount it as double-sided saddlebag::Carry all essentials in organized & accessible manner. Varied pockets and space to carry enough clothes, laptop, miscellaneous stuff, bottles, mobile-phones, tools and other essentials. COMFORT: Back seat cushion for pillion comfort::Easy accessible outer pockets. Designed in accordance to pillion comfort while sitting on bike. CONVERTIBLE: in accordance to user need this is convertible into; a.) Single-side saddlebag, to be mounted on bike. b.) Backpack, with shoulder straps on back of both bags. c.) Shoulder-cross body bag, with detachable shoulder straps on both the bags. d.) Hand travel bag, with telescopic handle on top of both the bags. ADJUSTABLE: in accordance to bike pillion-seat length, the gap between both the bags can be adjusted to fit well on varied bikes. SHAPE: retained shape with reinforcement and padding in all the walls::Shaped to fit well on varied bikes without bulging out::shaped to mug as much as it possibly can. FIT: almost on every bike with straight exhaust pip (refer images).
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RYDRO 69: In and out - Golden Riders
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