Any accidental repair or repair due to normal wear-tear is possible to fix with us. And we assure you that it will be done at a reasonable fee. 

For repair related queries: 
1. You need to first send an email comprising clear pictures of product, so that we can understand and determine if the product is repairable or not. 
2. If it can be repair, you need to send the product for a proper inspection to get an quote for the repair. 
3. The shipment costs have to bear by you. We suggest you proper packing of product and use reputed logistic company when you are sending your product to us for repair.
4. After getting confirm money transfer from customer, we'll proceed further to fix it. The whole process of fixing bag/product will take 7-15 days time depending upon the work. It could take long than this in special cases.

Golden Riders or its partners will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the items during the transit.