For The Ride Of A Lifetime

Made of sturdiest materials like military grade canvas, ballistic fabrics & leather. Built to endure the toughest journeys. Robust designs to withstand extreme conditions. Handcrafted in India.

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Saddle Up & Ride Away

Handmade saddlebags that fit all motorcycle brands in India

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Multi-purpose Tank Bags

For everyday city rides and long distance countryside tours

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Compact & Handy Bicycle Bags

Ideal for your daily errands, exercise routines as well as excursion trips

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Motorcycle Travel Accessories

Every little things that you need for a memorable trip

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Harshith K. Gowda

Using Golden Riders saddle bags for almost 3 years & not even a single damage. Used them on more than 3 bikes. They perfectly fit any bike. Very reasonable price too.


I have done a 4000-km coastal ride and didn't face any issue with my saddle bags. Carried luggage all along without any issues. Highly recommended.


Great saddle bags! Ideal for short & long rides. They not only carry all your stuff but also ensure safety as these bags protect your bike when it falls.

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