We at Golden Riders provide a warranty on every sold item. Warranty period for every item varies from minimum one year to maximum five years from date of purchase. Specifically only manufacturing defects are covered under warranty. Any damage caused due to mishandling, improper care, accidents, unauthorized alterations/repairs, or due to natural wear & tear of materials because of extended use wouldn’t be considered and entertained for warranty claims.

Any item that is found to be damaged or faulty within 10 days of it arriving with the customer will be replaced without any questions once the item in question is send by customer. We can also arrange a reverse courier within 3 days of your request. In both the cases we would bear shipment charges. In case of any damage or fault outside of the first 14 days we provide no provision for reverse courier, and the customer has to send the item back to us on their own expenses. Customer first need to notify us via email to claim warranty. Customer needs to send us required (below mentioned) details with a scanned copy of purchase bill at returns@goldenriders.in. Warranty Claim Number (WCN) would be issued within 48 hours of your mail.
Following details to be mentioned in the email;
1) Customer Name
2) Date of purchase
3) Scanned copy of purchase invoice/bill.
4) Detailed description about the fault in the product, along as much as possible product images.

For warranty claims send products at the following address;
Golden Roadies,
3rd floor,
Building No. GC-18, Pul Pahladpur,
New Delhi – 110044
Ph: +91-9717009713/ +91-9810596408

Once inspection of the product is done and defect has been confirmed, we will first inform customer that it will either be repaired or replaced and then would dispatch your product free of charge within 2-5 working days depending upon nature of fault. If your product is no longer available due to any reason, you can repurchase any similar product.
*Note: No reimbursement or refunds.

1. The warranty applies only to the original customer, and nobody else.
2. Invoices not required in case of purchase from goldenriders.in website.
3. Purchase bill/invoice is MUST for warranty claims. No warranty without purchase bill/invoice.