Our Story

Bourne Out Of Biking

It all started with a Bike ride back in 2016 when our founder saw a hassle in carrying luggage & discovered the utter need of high-quality motorbiking luggage bags in India. Motorcycle bags that are especially crafted for the bikers of our country!

So, that's how Golden Riders was born in 2017! We started off with saddle bags, side saddle bags & tank bags. Surprisingly, the response turned out to be overwhelming from riders across the country! And there is no turning back since then...

Crafted With Care

From military grade fabric to authentic leather. From experienced artisans to exceptional work processes.

GR studies every aspect of making the best motorcycle bags and accessories. And we handcraft each of our products with sincere attention to detail.

As it turns out, GR today, proudly claims to be one of the #1 Best-Selling moto-pedal luggage bags' manufacturers in India!

Designed & Made In India

We wanted to challenge ourselves by creating world class motorcycle bags and accessories right here in India. Keeping in mind the needs of the Indian biker.

From the very design to every stitch. From dimensions that fit all bikes to materials that can withstand local terrain and weather. Golden Riders is about fulfilling the unique requirements & expectations of bikers in India.

Loved By Aspirants & Pros

Since our inception, Golden Riders motorcycle bags have been a constant companion on the road for thousands of bikers across the country, and the world.

Amateur bikers as well as veterans love the quality of our craftsmanship. We are grateful for the affection our users have shown for our products.

And this is what motivates us to create quality motorcycle bags and accessories that every biker deserves.

Run & Managed By Enthusiasts

Rahul Mahajan

Founder & CEO

A biker at heart. And a designer by passion. Loves trying new designs based on utility, durability & style. Detail obsessive. Prefers working the traditional way on leather.

Pooja Rajora

Head of Operations

A fashion and outdoor industry pro, she is the in-house manufacturing & product exhibition expert. Making great products and displaying them to the world is what she lives for.

Wilson Modi

Head of Marketing

Loves facts & data. Manages advertising & digital marketing. Getting bikers to discover our range of quality products is what he is passionate about.

Nitesh Arora

Legal & Accounts Manager

The quintessential problem solver. Lives & breathes tax & accounting 24/7. Helps keep the sanity of running a growing startup.