How should bikers choose their messenger bag ?

Are you going to buy a messenger bag for yourself? There are multiple factors that you have to watch out carefully in order to choose the best one. Don’t be in hurry while purchasing the bag. Take care of the size, the shape, the usage and the comfort level to buy the best one.

What is a Messenger Bag?


It is must for you to know what exactly it is. This is a courier bag which looks like a sack, is worn over one shoulder with a strap which goes across the chest to give rest to the bag on your back. It is a stylish alternative to the traditional rucksack. Such bag can accommodate multiple things like laptops, mobiles, writing utensils and many more things. The sleek bag was first introduced in 1950 in NYC.  It is now become one of the most favourite bags of adults driving bikes and bicycles.

How does it be?

These bags are available in different sizes and numerous features, so it will be a bit challenging for anyone to choose the right one.

  1. Before purchasing the bag it is necessary to know how it should be used. Do you want to use it to carry your laptop and books or just want to carry light objects like mobile phone and your wallet? The purpose of the bag plays an important role in selecting the right size, the number of pockets it should be and the material.

  2. Choose the material carefully. The right fabric choice for the bag matters a lot to maintain durability and check the withstand power. The market is full of synthetic and cloth messenger bags but those who love quality can go for leather messenger bags. Search offline and online for the bag offering real leather bags. Don’t compromise quality over pricing.

  3. Select the bag with the right strap. The sleek bag should have removable or adjustable shoulder belt with top quality metal dog hooks on both ends. The adjustable strap gives you space to carry the bag comfortably. It will not rub against the skin. The heavier the bag, the wider strap should be.

  4. Go for online shopping instead of shop locally. Buy messenger bags online in India because you can easily come across varieties and get amazing deals. There are many reliable stores selling authentic leather messenger bags online.

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How should bikers choose their messenger bag ? - Golden Riders
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