5 Touring Essentials To Check Before Your Next Biking Trip


Nobody wishes to embark on a moto-trip to Kerala looking at the monsoon season but realizes midway that their luggage bag’s rain cover is missing. Or worse, they realize they’ve lost the route because they didn’t keep constant track of the map. Planning a moto trip might be more adventurous than the trip itself. One has to keep a checklist of items and gears he/she will need to make this journey a cakewalk. You don’t know what the checklist should be? It’s all right! This list of 5 accessories for a smooth moto-trip will clear some clutter and assist you to tackle tiny obstacles in your journey.


  1. A planned route

It’s possible you may be expecting green, vibrant roads but end up in a busy city with traffic because you were clueless about the route beforehand. Planning a route is more than just jotting down the source and destination. It means keeping a checklist of all the things that will come your way. It is a textual representation of your trip. Be it your fuel capacity, refuel points, road types, scenery, highway connectivity, weather, halts, checkpoints, total distance, etc. This way, you will at least know when to expect a gas station when you’re almost out of fuel. Or you do not have to survive on water, you will know a café is approaching and you can stock up till the next café/shop/restaurant…


  1. Rainsuit/covers

Rains are unpredictable. It doesn’t follow any weather forecasting. One can get caught in the heavy showers even in the sweaty peak of summer. And things are worse if you’re riding during winters or obviously monsoons. Traveling in mild showers is different, it’s refreshing, but it’s when you get caught in impromptu storms. You are forced to ride all day long in cold, drizzling weather. And being cold and wet is the worst way to experience a moto-trip because this can attract illnesses like hypothermia. Then at the end of the trip while shivering and sneezing you will realize “I should’ve carried a rain suit”. To avoid all the unexpected, we highly recommend always packing a rain suit during your moto-trip. A two-piece rain suit can be easily carried in your luggage bags.


  1. Quality luggage bags

Speaking of luggage bags… In order to pack rain suits, clothing, bedding, and all other necessary utilities, the rider needs enough space and bags with ample storage capacity. We suggest segregating the luggage into saddlebags and tank bags with tank bags occupying all the immediate items and saddlebags carrying your clothing and other utilities. You should check for your needs and purchase a bag with enough capacity as per your requirements (30L, 50L, 70L, 90L…). Always prioritize high-quality bags in a budget to make sure the canvas doesn’t get torn during the ride!


  1. Tank bag with GPS accessibility

You surely do not want to stretch your trip and end up in a completely unfamiliar land because you started off in Kerala but due to lack of route tracking, you lost track. As we all riders know, we sometimes get lost in the ethereal beauty of nature while riding and it’s not hard to lose track. In this case, imagine a map is constantly in front of your eyes while your plugin your earphones to get the music going! Just one tank bag fixes this issue. It comes with more than enough space to carry all your immediate trip essentials and they’re usually equipped with a mobile holding compartment with touch accessibility.  


  1. Tire repair toolkit

Now, if you’re traveling to a place like Ladakh, the threat of getting a bad tire is inevitable. Rocky roads and river-crossing make it difficult to not expect a bad tire. Keeping a toolkit ensures even when you meet a punctured tire, your moto-trip doesn’t get ruined. They aren’t bulky at all. You can mount them on your bike’s front and remember them only when needed. A toolkit usually consists of, an adhesive, puncture tube, screwdriver, nail/rock-remover, universal wrenches, and other necessary items. If you feel you need to add something more, kits have ample space to add more tools per your needs.


These were just few of many touring essentials you should definitely look out for before your next moto-trip in 2023! We will be back with more TRIP TIPS to make your moto trip experience hassle-free and the best!


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5 Touring Essentials you need to check before your next Moto Trip! - Golden Riders
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