5 Perfect Locations For A Thrilling Moto Trip In India this 2023!

 As we all can concur, moto travel is undeniably one of the most courageous forms of traveling. Bikers sign up for building such delightful memories that will last forever. Whether you embark on this excursion solo or decide to take your pals, choosing a picturesque yet thrilling location turns into a treacherous task. Nevertheless, India is the house of n number of locations that can satisfy every one of the pursuits a biker might potentially envision! Be it navigating the ice-pressed Himalayas or venturing into lush green Northeastern forests or deserting in the unending Rajasthan lands, motorbiking the motherland opens you to the remote areas and opens you to the cultural diversity. Let’s take a look at some of the most thrilling locations for a moto trip in India.


  1. Leh – Ladakh

Okay, this goes without saying. If you’re a moto enthusiast, Ladakh must be on your bucket list. Well, now is the time to check it off! Blessed with such picturesque tractions, this J&K region is a complete package of adventure a rider would desire. The rocky roads, the winsome weather, and the risky yet lucrative landslides, all things combined keep the riders on their toes throughout the trip. One never knows what happens next. Leh is often tagged as the land of beautiful lakes, high mountain passes, and Buddhist monasteries, and executing a moto trip here is no cakewalk! Leh has no list of obstacles. Nevertheless, a moto trip to Ladakh is certainly once in a lifetime experience and a dream for many. Even so, keeping a planned route map will drastically decrease these obstacles.

Here's GR’s ideal route for a moto trip to Leh;

Source – Manali. To Rohtang La – Tandi/Keylong – Darcha – Sarchu – Tanglang La – Upshi – Leh (from here, one can opt for separate routes to Khardungla and Nubra, Pangong and Tso Moriri, and Hemis) – Lamayuru – Kargil – Drass – Zozi La – Srinagar – Patnitop – Chandigarh.

The ideal season for a moto trip here: Mid-June to Mid-October.


  1. Kerala

We did not forget God’s own country. Situated in the southern region of India, Kerala is one of the greenest states ever. After all, there’s a reason it is proverbial as God’s own country. It is because of its globally renowned beaches, bizarre lighthouses, and lush greenery. Along with all the elements of nature, Kerala is a leader in various societal aspects like the highest literacy rate, decent sex ratio, least population growth, and impeccable travel & tourism. A moto trip to Kerala is a pure luxurious feeling. The list of pursuits in Kerala is unending, it is crammed with such picturesque destinations that anyone who wishes for moto trips should undeniably add Kerala to their bucket list. There are far too many routes you can pick from but everyone would end in nature.

Nevertheless, an ideal moto trip would begin from Cochin to the Southern Ghats exposing you to wide wildlife diversity while the splendid fragrance of tea and rubber farms keeps you contented. Another bike route passes from Kodaikanal. It goes through the tea plantation treks of Munnar district and the excursion then goes on towards Ooty where bikers ride at a level of 2000 m towards the Nilgiri Hills. From that point, it continues to Calicut and ceases in Cochin. Bikers can sign up for a wonderful perspective on the Kerala backwaters and the chance to relish the luscious food of the state.


  1. Spiti Valley

Also tagged as the “little sister of Ladakh”, situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is yet another thrilling location for a moto trip in India. In case, a Leh trip seems daunting, a ride to Spiti will bless you with equal adrenaline because of the similar geographical factors. Windy weather, rocky roads, a cultural town, and the Hindustan-Tibet highway pave the way to Spiti and ensure a ton of constant thrill making Spiti Valley an ideal moto trip location. In fact, from this highway, you can approach some of the highest villages of Asia like – Kibber, Kaza, Tabo, etc, and regions like Baspa and Kinnaur, which are pure heaven to nature lovers who enjoy the beauty of apricot and apple orchards. Although it is more convenient than Ladakh, a moto trip to anywhere demands certain planning. Merely keeping a route plan can do wonders for you.

Here’s GR’s ideal route for a moto trip to Spiti Valley;

Source: Shimla. To Sarhan – Sangla – Chitkul – Baspa – Kinnaur – Recong Peo – Kalpa – Kaza – Tabo – Spiti - Keylong – Manali.

The ideal season for a moto trip here is; Mid-June to Mid-October.


  1. Mumbai to Goa

The modern choice of the modern public. Over time, the NH17 route has become one of the most preferred moto trip choices in India and it is a well-deserving route of its fame packed with absolutely mesmerizing tree gardens and lush green roads. From Mumbai to Goa, riding here is like riding on foreign roads with the mild fragrance of the petrichor and flowers and the atmosphere, and the exquisite landscapes. Riders get lost in the beauty of this masterpiece of nature. Spread across the western coastline, the NH17 connects Mumbai to Kerela. So, if a Mum-Goa moto trip isn’t satisfying your traveler instincts, get your tanks full and get lost in the beauty of Kerela as described in the 2nd point. Otherwise, the beauty throughout the trip between Mumbai to Goa is inexplicable.

The ideal season for a moto trip here: October to February


  1. Delhi – Corbett – Nainital

Finally, on our list, we have a route that offers you an ambiance of the noisy city, thrilling jungle, and soothing hills, all in one go. Your trip transitions from the typical city environment of Delhi to the opulent lush green grounds of Corbett and Nainital. Upon embarking on a moto trip to Corbett from Delhi, it doesn’t take long to get exposed to scenic views. One immediately experiences roads covered in fairy-tale trees and roadsides covered in scenic fruit orchards while entering the Ramnagar Area of Uttarakhand. After relishing the natural breeze of this little town, one finally enters the pride of Himachal; Nainital. Through your journey, you are destined to find lush greenery and the beautiful rhododendrons as your acquaintance while the twisting roads and sharp edges constantly add that thrill to your moto trip.

Ideal Route for a moto trip here – Delhi – Ramnagar – Corbett – Mukteshwar – Nainital.

The ideal season for a moto trip here – October – April.


India has far too many options to fulfill bikers' desires! We couldn't sum everything up but made sure to put some essential locations that have to be on your bucket list for a moto trip in India! Now that you've chosen where you're traveling, let's take a look at what essentials you NEED TO carry for your next moto trip in India. Learn Here >>>

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